Neema Women Community


NEEMA means a blessing, a favour, although it is done to someone and we think that women are a blessing made to humanity. We are a non-profit organization created by women, for women. We aim to take charge of mental health and well-being, providing support for personal, economic and social development and projects as well as educating future generation. The goal of our company is to improve the well-being of women from childhood to old age. We address risk factors that are directly related to "economic, social and sexual inequalities and prejudices". These inequalities affect the mental and emotional well-being of [...]

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HeadStart Newham


HeadStart Newham Pledge to: Work closely with schools and the community, to offer young people and their families the opportunity to recognise the strengths they already have and develop new skills so they are able to overcome challenges and bounce back from tough circumstances. We have young people at the heart of the work we do and as a service young people shape the work we deliver through co-production. We also pledge to run social action programmes in the school and the community.

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Loneliness Awareness Week: Blog


Loneliness Awareness Week: What has loneliness got to do with young people? Young people are often considered to be super social - to be out and about with friends more than other groups in society. But in fact, studies have shown that young people report being lonely more than any other group. This can only be increased by the current pandemic, as young people are isolated from schoolmates, family members and friends - with most contact happening through a screen. So what can be done to support young people, and how are young people themselves taking [...]

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Carers week: Young carers in lockdown


Being a young carer in lockdown It's estimated that there are at least 700,000 young carers in the UK. Young carers may look after parents, siblings or other family members, and may handle a huge range of tasks from personal care such as dressing and washing, to household chores, to managing family finances or arranging health care or benefits. During lockdown, many young carers have lost the support and respite that they would normally receive. Young people who may not have been carers before are now supporting family members newly ill, or helping parents to manage [...]

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#iwill Ambassador Gabrielle – How can the NHS listen?


The coronavirus pandemic has exposed our health inequalities - but what can the NHS do to work with communities and young people? #iwill Ambassador Gabrielle Mathews has seen all sides of the NHS. She has been a long-term patient, a medical student, a Youth Forum Member, a volunteer, and now sits on the NHS Assembly. In this challenging blog, she reflects on why community and youth engagement is so important, and considers how engagement can be most successful.  My journey in Health As an NHS Assembly member, it is important to me that we commit to [...]

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All Strong Scotland C.I.C


Scotland All-Strong provides and promotes movement, mindful relaxation and peer exchange as powerful tools of self-management, recovery and intervention for common mental health conditions. We offer a wide range of public classes, including family-friendly options, from toddlers to teens and whole families. As a non-profit fitness and wellbeing enterprise we run unique progressive programmes in our comfortable and welcoming setting, including for specific groups of peers such as Perth Autism Support, unpaid carers in partnership with PKAVS and Support in Mind, and youth groups from 16-19 years not in work, education or training, other youth groups, and programmes of 'Fitness to [...]

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Bath Mind


Bath Mind is an independent local mental health charity working across B&NES & Wiltshire. We are here to promote & nurture everyone’s mental health through the provision of information, activities, advice & support. Pledge: Develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities; Promote and celebrate the positive role young people can play through social action; Ensure young people have a voice and are represented in decision-making Bath Mind pledge to make imaginative, wonderful, powerful projects happen, driven by young people. We pledge to support young people to boost their mental wellbeing and grow confidence, resilience & new skills. We pledge to involve young [...]

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The Pegasus Award CIC


The Pegasus Award CIC works with schools and youth organisations to promote increased progress, aspiration and resilience by developing key skills and by rewarding relative progression. The Pegasus Award is a 4-strand framework which, since its formation in 2014, has had a positive impact on over 5000 learners across the age and ability range and supports entirely the ethos and values associated with #iwill. Our Pledge: Promote the link between youth social action and employability, Communicate the benefits of youth social action to our employees and encourage them to volunteer in support of it. The Pegasus Award CIC is committed to [...]

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Peace Of Mind UK


Recently, I created a Mental Health Organisation for young people with Mental Health. It aims to give children aged 11 - 16 somebody to talk to and somebody who has experienced similar struggles. Pledge: Inspire and empower young people to get involved in social action I pledge to assist as many young people as I can; involve all those who wish to help and make a positive impact.   For more information please contact Kai:

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Crawley Town Community Foundation


Our Mission: Our programmes and services are based on the belief that engagement through sport can result in far more than developing sports skills. It can harness a sense of mutual respect and trust, widen horizons, raise aspirations and provide opportunities for people regardless of their background. We use the power of sport and football and appeal of the brand to engage, inspire and empower people and we are and focused on developing the community through a range of programmes and services based on the following themes: Health & wellbeing, sports participation, equalities and inclusion, education, enterprise, employment and skills, regeneration [...]

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