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#iwill Advisory Council at St James’s Palace


On Wednesday 15th May, the #iwill Campaign's Advisory Council met at St James's Palace, generously hosted by our Patron HRH The Prince of Wales. The Council discussed the progress of the campaign so far, what needs to be achieved before the end of 2020, and the legacy of the campaign beyond the closure of Step Up To Serve, its coordinating body. The event was chaired by two of our young trustees, Ceylon Andi Hickman and Saeed Atcha MBE. Young people made up more than a quarter of attendees, with [...]

#iwill Advisory Council at St James’s Palace2019-05-23T16:26:05+01:00

Mental Health Awareness Week: Vlogs


#iwill Ambassador Sarah chats about how her social action, supporting others with their mental health, led to a whole new approach to her own mental health. #iwill Ambassador Kay shares her top tips for day to day mental health and wellbeing, looking particularly at getting outside, body image and social media.

Mental Health Awareness Week: Vlogs2019-05-21T18:14:57+01:00

The Power of Youth Social Action: #iwill Impact Report


Now live: The Power of Youth Social Action The #iwill campaign Impact Report is here! Download it now to find out what we’ve been doing, what we’ve achieved and how you can help us do even more. “We’ve achieved a tremendous amount, but it’s vital for us to keep moving and keep driving the youth social action agenda forward. We can’t afford to lose a sense of urgency.” Charlotte Hill, CEO, Step up to Serve Five years, 250 Ambassadors and 1,000+ partners When the campaign launched in late 2013, with 50 partners and 50 young people, we never imagined #iwill would bring together [...]

The Power of Youth Social Action: #iwill Impact Report2019-05-20T16:31:50+01:00

#iwill Ambassador Lucy: Youth Mental Health


Mental Health Awareness Week Every day of every week we should be aware of mental health, but having one week solely dedicated to raising awareness is a perfect opportunity to really dive into all aspects of mental health. People of every age, ethnicity and background can experience mental health struggles, short term and long term. Difficulties in understanding mental health can come from drawing a line between physical and mental health, viewing them as totally separate things, when really they overlap far more than we often realise. When we start viewing health as a whole, it can become easier to get [...]

#iwill Ambassador Lucy: Youth Mental Health2019-05-20T16:32:15+01:00

#iwill Ambassador Abbey: Rural Mental Health


Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 I live in North Devon. As we like to say in the West Country, I’m a ‘Devonshire maid’! I have lived in the South West all my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. While there is a lot of conversation about mental health online and in the media, a lot of that focuses on young people struggling with social media, busy lifestyles, or not getting access to natural environments. I wanted to share my experiences of mental health and wellbeing in very rural environments. I’m currently working full time for an agricultural contractor [...]

#iwill Ambassador Abbey: Rural Mental Health2019-05-20T16:35:26+01:00

#iwill Ambassador Dara: We must challenge adults


On the 31st January 2019, I was honoured and privileged to attend the #iwill4nature launch at the Zoological Society, London. As a budding naturalist and biologist, it was so exciting, to not only springboard a campaign which will engage, excite and demand action by young people, but to do it in such a place, was fantastic. I was joined in London by fellow #iwill ambassadors and organisations which have pledged to support the campaign’s ‘Year of Green Action’. It is of the utmost importance, to me, that my generation challenge the adults of today because it is clear that our planet [...]

#iwill Ambassador Dara: We must challenge adults2019-05-17T14:24:11+01:00

#iwill Ambassador Anna: Don’t let fear hold you back


It is difficult to put into words the true exhilaration you feel when you first walk on stage. Your name is called to an anticipating audience; an introductory remark is made, and before you know it, blaring music and the clapping of hands echoes across the whole arena, welcoming you to  the lectern. What follows is silence - and a true realisation that there are over 650 pairs of eyes and ears, hanging on to your every word. My name is Anna McGovern, and I am a National Ambassador and campaigner for various charities across the UK, including the NSPCC and [...]

#iwill Ambassador Anna: Don’t let fear hold you back2019-05-17T14:24:31+01:00

#iwill Ambassador Razannah: The legacy of Year of Young People


My name is Razannah, I’m 16 and I’m an #iwill Ambassador from Scotland. On November 27th 2018, the annual Young Scot Awards took place, and this year I was lucky enough to be chair of the judging panel. I was chosen to be part of this year’s panel through my work with Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018, as I am also a member of Communic18, a core co-design team for the year. As chair I was given the opportunity to present the opening speech on behalf of Young Scot at the awards dinner. This was quite daunting as I had an [...]

#iwill Ambassador Razannah: The legacy of Year of Young People2019-05-17T14:28:15+01:00

#iwill Ambassador Zach: The New Year and the natural world


2018 has been quite a year for me with lots of things to be proud of, ranging from things that I’ve been involved in to challenges that I’ve faced. I’m lucky that I’ve been asked to be youth patron for a local wildlife project, The Wild Watch, in a beautiful corner of Yorkshire called Nidderdale, so my year really started off well. I volunteer and help out with wildlife surveys but I was lucky enough to be asked to do a film to support a big Owl survey. I enjoyed making the film, working with these awesome creatures and knowing that [...]

#iwill Ambassador Zach: The New Year and the natural world2019-05-17T13:51:37+01:00

#iwill Ambassador Emily: We must persevere to be heard


Often I think it can be hard to reflect at the end of the year, which is why I’ve taken a few days to remember the moments which made 2018. I have participated in a range of activities in 2018, this post will showcase a small selection of them, as well as my 2018 reflections and hopes for 2019. In February, I wrote a piece for #StudentVolunteeringWeek, where I mentioned 5 ways you can benefit from volunteering, which you can view here. You can start to take action anytime, so 2019 is the perfect time to get stuck in and make [...]

#iwill Ambassador Emily: We must persevere to be heard2019-05-17T14:28:04+01:00

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