World Cancer Day


Awareness is vital in young people too 04 February 2021 By Seren Hughes Seren Today (February 4th) is World Cancer Day, an international day to raise awareness of cancer and its prevention, detection, and treatment. Cancer hasn’t stopped because of the pandemic, and with an average of 14 young people diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK, it is vital that we are involved in the conversation about the detection and prevention this disease. Why should we involve young people in this conversation? We should be involved in this conversation at [...]

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#iwill Statement on Tackling Anti-Black Racism


Position Statement on Tackling Anti-Black Racism 28 January 2021 Since October 2020, the Step up To Serve Trustees have been engaged in a process to reinforce their understanding of anti-Black racism and to increase the urgency of their contribution to delivering systemic change. The evidence of their commitment has already been demonstrated, including participation in learning activities with #iwill Ambassadors, development of personal action plans and their contribution to a position paper on tackling anti-Black racism. The #iwill Partnership discussed the statement during their first meeting in December and will be developing an action plan for the [...]

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Explained 2


29 Jan 2021 The Power of Youth Explained is a six-part series of short interactive, digital articles curated by #iwill partner organisations and Ambassadors. The series aims to bring together research, experiences and resources that not only develops the readers’ knowledge and understanding of youth social action, but helps them turn it into action. They are also designed to help your organisation put your Power of Youth Charter commitments into practice. ARTICLE 2: Why should youth social action be accessible to all young people & how can [...]

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HRH The Prince of Wales meets with #iwill Ambassadors


Meeting with HRH The Prince of Wales We were honoured to be invited by our Patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, to a socially distanced meeting at St James's Palace. As we shared our great thanks for HRH's leadership of Step Up To Serve, and our vision for the continuation of #iwill in the future, he challenged young #iwill Ambassadors to keep making a difference in their communities and innovating solutions to the challenges we face as a society. #iwill Ambassadors shared with HRH their reflections on where #iwill [...]

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How Black Lives Matter has changed us


The Black Lives Matter movement, which began in the US in 2013 in response to the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, drew a wave of renewed global support this year, inspired by anger at the unjust killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, both killed by police. As well as addressing police brutality and racism in the justice system - both in the US and globally - the Black Lives Matter movement has grown to encompass all areas in which Black people continue to face marginalisation and structural violence. #iwill Ambassadors Adam, Athika and Jo, and #iwill4nature [...]

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Tackling anti-black racism through the power of youth


Anti-Black racism can be found in all aspects of our society and can be felt in every area of young Black people's lives. We all have a responsibility to change this through meaningful action, not empty gestures.  At the core of #iwill is the value of inclusion. We embrace, champion and celebrate young people from a diverse range of backgrounds and beliefs to co-create solutions and access the benefits of youth social action. And we stand united against all forms of discrimination, including from racial prejudice. That is why it’s so important that the #iwill movement unites to tackle [...]

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Black Lives Matter and #iwill – Blog by Dr Rania Marandos


After the brutal murder of George Floyd, two phone calls brought home to me the enormity of what young Black people were thinking and feeling. Two #iwill Ambassadors opened their hearts and shared with me so generously and beautifully their visions for change. Jonelle Awomoyi and Lanai Collis-Phillips each spoke to me passionately about the importance of education, reclaiming their true history and celebrating Black people through the ages. It’s heartening to see calls to decolonise the curriculum gain increasing momentum and to see more people, whatever their age, educating themselves through reading, discussing, questioning and opening up to [...]

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Black Lives Matter: Can you see me? Poem


#iwill Ambassador Lanai shares a powerful poem on disadvantage, racial injustice, how vulnerable young people too often go unseen, and how young people need professionals to stand with them. Lanai is a volunteer for WASSUP, an award-winning youth social action project delivered by 30 young women in Ipswich addressing child sexual exploitation and sexual violence. CW: mentions of sexual violence, self harm and racism. "Long before this global pandemic, so many young people were already living in extremely tough circumstances, suffering from the impact of a range of inequalities and trauma such as austerity, unemployment and forms [...]

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Black Lives Matter: #YoungAndBlack with UK Youth


Earlier this year, #iwill partners UK Youth launched #YoungAndBlack, a space to share, listen and learn from the experiences of young Black people. “We have been inundated with heartfelt cries and appeals from young Black people right across Britain who feel they don’t have the opportunity or even the right to share their thoughts and experiences on racism in the UK and beyond. We can already see that young people of all races are calling for organised, mobilised action. We will not leave them alone in this pursuit. We recognise the power of storytelling to create empathy and change. [...]

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#iwill Ambassador story: From volunteer to career


"My first job interview for an apprenticeship, I had no 'work experience' whatsoever..." Patrick Cantellow became an #iwill Ambassador in 2016, following his work with  NCS and Swale Young People. He is now Chair of Youth Employment UK’s Youth Board. Here, Patrick speaks to Youth Employment UK about how his social action journey has given him the skills, connections and inspiration to build his career. Interview You are a great ambassador for social action having started quite young, can you tell me about the types of activity and organisations you have been [...]

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