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//Education Pledges

St Bernard Catholic Grammar


Pledge Inspire and empower young people to get involved in social action; Put social action at the heart of my school; Inspire, empower and reward young people to lead social action; Build strong local partnerships that support youth social action; Develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities; Help young people act as health champions, supporting their peers and communities to live healthier lifestyles; Ensure young people’s voices are heard so that services and organisations are shaped with their needs at the centre; Help young people support their communities in either health and social care settings or their wider communities.

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Saint Paul’s R. C. High School


Saint Paul`s R. C. High School is a local secondary school at the heart of its community in Pollok, Glasgow.  We are passionate about improving the life chances of every young person in our care through developing skills for learning, life and work. Our strong partnerships with families, associated primaries and other local secondary schools, local businesses and the community are forged to help and support the young people living in the surrounding area. We place a huge emphasis on Health and Well Being and we encourage participation in a wide range of sporting activities and in volunteering to support others. [...]

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Leytonstone School


School looking to embed social action into the PSHE curriculum. Pledge: To put social action at the heart of my school. I will ensure that social action is embedded throughout or school PSHE curriculum giving students the opportunity to increase their well being and feel empowered through social action.  

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RSA Academies


Pledge: Put social action at the heart of RSA Academies Commitment to preparing pupils for the World Beyond School Support the RSA family of academies to implement high-quality youth social action through cross-school programmes such as RSA4, RSA8 and Take over Day Inspire and empower young people to lead social action within their individual schools Support teachers to embed social action within their school through the World Beyond School yearly CPD day

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Colchester Academy


A local secondary school at the heart of the local community that wants to help and support the people living in the surrounding area. Pledge:  Put social action at the heart of my school, college or university. We promise to support the local community and it's families in a range of social and economic issues, build strong local partnerships and ensure young people have a voice and are represented in decision making within our school.

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The Pegasus Award CIC


The Pegasus Award CIC works with schools and youth organisations to promote increased progress, aspiration and resilience by developing key skills and by rewarding relative progression. The Pegasus Award is a 4-strand framework which, since its formation in 2014, has had a positive impact on over 5000 learners across the age and ability range and supports entirely the ethos and values associated with #iwill. Our Pledge: Promote the link between youth social action and employability, Communicate the benefits of youth social action to our employees and encourage them to volunteer in support of it. The Pegasus Award CIC is committed to [...]

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Crawley Town Community Foundation


Our Mission: Our programmes and services are based on the belief that engagement through sport can result in far more than developing sports skills. It can harness a sense of mutual respect and trust, widen horizons, raise aspirations and provide opportunities for people regardless of their background. We use the power of sport and football and appeal of the brand to engage, inspire and empower people and we are and focused on developing the community through a range of programmes and services based on the following themes: Health & wellbeing, sports participation, equalities and inclusion, education, enterprise, employment and skills, regeneration [...]

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Blog – DfE’s call for evidence on character education


The Department for Education have launched a call for evidence on developing young people’s character both in and out of school or college.  The work is being developed with the support of their Character Advisory Group, on which a number of #iwill campaign partners sit, including our co-founder and trustee Dame Julia Cleverdon. Watch Ella's short video on the consultation below. We are calling on all #iwill campaign partners to:  Submit evidence to the consultation before the deadline of the 5th July, which demonstrates the value of youth social action for character development and the development [...]

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Global Action Plan: ‘Climate Chaos Response Toolkit’ for schools


Navigating the chaos: toolkit helps senior leaders turn climate strikes into positive school-wide action Download toolkit here. Passionate students are not a new thing. But the recent global walkout of over 1.4million young people over the lack of climate action is unprecedented. This is new territory for schools –as recognised by the National Association of Headteachers with a motion earlier this month, pledging to support pupils to express their views and influence policy on climate change. Environmental charity Global Action Plan spoke to schools who said they were uncertain of how to respond to the [...]

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Mental Health Awareness Week: The Russell School


In October 2018, The Russell School was awarded a small grant from Team London to help turn their idea for a mental health social action project into a reality. Their idea: “Bubbles for Troubles”, a mental health support bag inspired by the wellbeing section of the Team London Young Ambassadors Social Action Toolkit and by a social action workshop from Team London. Based on class discussions on issues they cared about – mental health was the clear stand-out priority. Jessica described the experiences of her Grandad Duncan in his Dementia home. Jago described how it helps him to recognise feelings (he [...]

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