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The Kind Penguins


  At The Kind Penguins, we're on a mission to use sustainable, ethical fashion to create a world where people are kind to each other, to our planet and to themselves. Our clothing and tote bags are all organic, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, zero plastic and made using renewable energy. They feature positive messages and images on themes we're passionate about, including wildlife and conservation, tackling the climate crisis, diversity and inclusion, volunteering, and empowering young people. We aim to help people learn about these issues and inspire them to take action through our social media too. You can find us at @thekindpenguins [...]

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All Strong Scotland C.I.C


Scotland All-Strong provides and promotes movement, mindful relaxation and peer exchange as powerful tools of self-management, recovery and intervention for common mental health conditions. We offer a wide range of public classes, including family-friendly options, from toddlers to teens and whole families. As a non-profit fitness and wellbeing enterprise we run unique progressive programmes in our comfortable and welcoming setting, including for specific groups of peers such as Perth Autism Support, unpaid carers in partnership with PKAVS and Support in Mind, and youth groups from 16-19 years not in work, education or training, other youth groups, and programmes of 'Fitness to [...]

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Pennine Prospects


Pennine Prospects is at the heart of the sustainable development of the South Pennines. It works to manage and enhance the area’s natural, cultural and heritage assets so that they contribute to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the South Pennines. Pennine Prospects also seeks to create opportunities for the seven million residents of the surrounding conurbations to enjoy and benefit from the distinctive landscape characteristics of the South Pennines. It is a unique rural regeneration company that aims to promote, protect and enhance the built, natural and cultural heritage of the South Pennines. Pennine Prospects works with local authorities, [...]

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The Marine Conservation Society


The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK’s leading marine charity. We work to increase awareness of the growing need to protect our seas, shores and wildlife for future generations in the face of pollution, overfishing and climate change. Our aim is to reduce litter in our seas and on our beaches, achieve better protection for marine wildlife and habitats and encourage people to only eat sustainable seafood.   Pledge: We pledge to provide opportunities for young people to connect with our ocean, explore the natural world and identify some of the issues our environment is facing. We will create projects, [...]

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York Mediale


York Mediale are the UK's largest festival of Media Arts. Our inaugural festival benefited from 1200 + hours of volunteer time from a team of nearly 100 volunteers. We pledge to: Promote the link between youth social action and employability Embed social action into our training and apprenticeship schemes Communicate the benefits of youth social action to our employees and encourage them to volunteer in support of it We are keen to develop the volunteering programme into something that can really affect lasting change in the lives of young people, be that by helping them find gainful employment in the arts, [...]

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Selkie Crafts


We pledge to: Inspire and empower young people to get involved in social action. Communicate the benefits of youth social action to our employees and encourage them to volunteer in support of it. Develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities. Promote and celebrate the positive role young people can play through social action.

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Ecoed Life


We will work with an increasing number of schools, higher education facilities and youth groups to equip young people with knowledge and leadership skills, empowering them to take action towards a more sustainable lifestyle in their home, their school and in their community. By the end of 2019 we are aiming to work with 20 schools. Helping schools and higher education facilities to give support to young people to take action and showing them and the wider school community the simple steps everyone can take in their daily lives to reduce their environmental footprint and live more harmoniously with nature, benefitting [...]

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Skills Builder Partnership


We pledge to: • Building off the Skills Builder Framework, we will create a toolkit and resources to support organisations developing essential skills like teamwork, leadership, aiming high and staying positive through youth social action. • Through our work with schools, we will encourage youth social action as an effective means to building and enhancing young people’s essential skills. • We will work with educators, employers or youth organisations who want to engage with the Skills Builder Partnership.

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