The #iwill Ambassador story


'Leaders of tomorrow'? Leaders of now. Read the story of how #iwill Ambassadors have championed change - and transformed themselves. Download the report Download the Jubilee Centre's findings Report written by Freya Trevor-Harris, Step Up To Serve, in collaboration with Aidan Thompson and Sarah Ritzenthaler, Jubilee Centre.  All children and young people should be supported and empowered to make a positive difference on the issues that affect their lives, their communities, and broader society. Over the last seven years, the #iwill Ambassadors have done just this. Their common [...]

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New findings from National Youth Social Action Survey


New findings from The National Youth Social Action Survey 2019 deepen our understanding of the national picture since 2014. 2019 Survey The National Youth Social Action Survey 2019 was conducted in the winter of 2019, before the COVID-19 Pandemic. During face-to-face interviews with researchers from Ipsos MORI, children and young people are asked to reflect on their participation in social action over the last 12 months, as well as how they view themselves in relation to their community and society. There are also new and interesting findings which present both opportunities and challenges for the #iwill movement as [...]

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Case Study: Canal & River Trust


The Canal & River Trust is a waterways and wellbeing charity. Specifically, we’re here to care for and protect 2,000 miles of waterways, and to promote their use by the people who live around them. We believe life is better by water. As waterways flow through some of the most diverse and often deprived communities, there’s enormous potential for them to contribute to the wellbeing of individuals, communities and society. Since we launched in 2012 we’ve grown youth engagement from a single project to a national priority, changing our culture to become ‘youth fit’. We’re proud to be one of [...]

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Learning Hub Papers


#iwill Fund Learning Hub Releases Two New Papers Impact Accelerator Initial Insights Report 20/5/2019 Download here. This paper was produced as part of the #iwill Learning Hub's Quality Practice workstream, which seeks to identify strengths and weaknesses in youth social action delivery by supporting learning and improvement amongst delivery organisations and sharing the resulting learning with funders and beyond.  At the core of this workstream is a 12-month learning and evaluation scheme called the Impact Accelerator. The work is led by Generation Change, who are the authors of this paper.  Dartington’s Service Design Lab’s work leading the #iwill Fund Learning Hub. [...]

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Case Study: Association of Colleges – North Hertfordshire College


North Hertfordshire College builds meaningful local partnerships #iwill partner Association of College's North Hertfordshire College has encouraged its students to engage with local campaigns and events North Hertfordshire College develops projects and activities that improve the lives of local residents while providing an opportunity for our students to make a positive contribution to their local community. In 2018 we collaborated with the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue (HFRS) service to design and produce their Drink Drive Campaign. HFRS staff worked with students to create potential campaign slogans, with the winning slogan selected by HFRS. To show people the [...]

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Case Study: John Muir Trust | #iwill4Nature


People of all backgrounds, but especially young people, enjoy and value exploring their relationship with wild places by taking responsibility through social action. They benefit from the challenge and adventure of being in wild places: by increasing their environmental awareness; by increasing their knowledge and skills; by sharing the experience with others; by having opportunities to show compassion and take responsibility for change – and take pride in their achievement. Our planet improves too – locally, nationally and internationally. Maintaining, improving and restoring wild places is good for the health of our local communities. It [...]

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Case Study: The Scouts – A Million Hands


Nearly 75% of Scouts support their communities at least once a week. It’s a powerful force for good, but not all young people get the same opportunity. Research from ComRes found that 82% of 12-24 year olds want to take part in social action, yet only 36% believe they have the chance to do so. This means the UK could be missing out on as much as 15.4 million hours of youth volunteering each month. The will is there; it’s just the opportunities they lack. If we can provide these opportunities – prioritising quality as well as scale and reach – [...]

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