Youth United Foundation Panel Ambassador and RAF Air Cadet Jordan responds to announcement of the Government’s £5 million investment in uniformed youth services.

A recent announcement by Minister for Civil Society Tracey Crouch will see “a new £5 million fund” with the aim to “increase places in uniformed youth groups to reach vulnerable young people and allow for expansion in deprived areas”.

For Jordan, being an ambassador on the Youth United Foundation panel has been an amazing experience and has provided him with an insight into the hard but essential work charities such as Youth United Foundation do. This opportunity was only made possible though his involvement with the cadets.

 When the panel was first advertised, I was encouraged by my Squadron’s Staff that this was something for me to get involved in and a few weeks later when I arrived at the first meeting, I could tell that this was something special.

Considering the large amount of money that is being invested in uniformed youth services it is no surprise Jordan is excited for the future.

New funding for our youth groups is essential to keeping us going and will be necessary to help keep our groups thriving and growing. I know that my squadron is looking at investing our funding into captivating the next generation of cadets.

 Jordan went on to say that his squadron is currently rebuilding a band which was active many years ago. This will offer an exciting opportunity for cadets to get free training and a chance to obtain a new skills-set.

It allows us to take on cadets who are maybe interested in getting into the military in the musical branches or just getting into music generally, but potentially don’t have current access to it. It’s opportunities like this that benefit so many cadets and allows for such a wide variety of people to get involved. The plethora of different cultures and people that join our youth organisations are what help build strong connections with each other and within our groups. And that’s what helps us contribute so much to our local communities.