BiteBack 2030 harnesses the power of youth in the fight for healthier choices

“We are all up against a flood of unhealthy food, pouring out from high streets, supermarket shelves and school canteens.  As a result, 3.3 million children are overweight and the UK has the worst childhood obesity rates in Western Europe.

We can solve this and close the floodgates but we need to act now. We can stem the tide of unhealthy foods and improve the flow of affordable, healthy options for young people.” BiteBack2030

Launched this October, BiteBack2030 is led by their Youth Board – a team of passionate teenage activists from across the UK. #iwill Ambassador Dev is a Youth Board member, check out the videos below where he talks about his work, and check out his podcast on food poverty and healthy food with BBC Sounds “We Can Change The World.”

The Bite Back Youth Board, 12 young people stand and sit together, smiling, joined by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Youth Board member Harrison writes about why having young people on board makes an impact.

“Being a youth board member has brought me so many amazing memories and lots of life changing experiences. It really has changed my life – I’m not just saying it – and has made me really open my eyes to the real issue of how the food industry manipulates children – and all people.

It is crucial for all young people’s voice to be heard on all such important issues, as we will form the new generation. We as young people need to have a voice on these subjects because we can really affect them. I think that on some key issues, most young people are actually more informed than some adults. 

The older generation need to include the young people of today because we can really shape the way society looks at these issues. While politicians may only hold power for a short period of time, as Biteback we aim to stay around until we have fixed the problem we aim to fix.

Young people have powerful voices – when we have the relevant facts and speak the truth, what politician can argue against us? 

When a young person is passionate about something they will not give up until their opinion is heard. If an organisation really wants to make a difference, then they need to give the young person a platform to really excel – and they’ll see the power they have.”

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