BBC Bitesize highlight the power of youth social action in collaboration with #iwill Ambassadors

BBC Bitesize is telling the stories of #iwill Ambassadors Dara, Billie, Bradley and Sophia to help other young people understand the incredible transformative power of social action – not only for the communities and people the action helps, but also on the young people taking action themselves.

We’ve been working with BBC Bitesize over the last few months to bring to life some of the incredible stories and experiences of our #iwill Ambassadors, as part of their wider work to highlight the impact that young people are making in communities, society, and the environment.

How an autistic teenager’s passion for nature led to his first book deal

Dara spoke to BBC Bitesize about how he experiences a deep connection with the natural world as part of his autism. Finding a supportive community for his passion transformed him from isolated child to a confident teenager, and now he leads other young people to get into nature. Read his article and watch his film by clicking below:

How three young people have used their struggles to help others

BBC Bitesize also spoke to Billie, Bradley and Sophia about their social action, drawing on their personal experiences as motivation for making a positive difference to others. Billie talks about food poverty and her work at her local foodbank. Bradley highlights his action with Liverpool Homeless Football Club and combating loneliness at Christmas time. Sophia opens up about her eating disorder and how it’s given her passion to campaign for mental health.

Read the full article by clicking here.