Project Description

Yumna Hussen

Age 17, England

At a very young age, I remember seeing the Arab Spring constantly on Al-Jazeera and whilst I did not know it at the time, my interest in the political landscape in the Arab World grew, spurring me on to co-writing a fiction book with my cousin at 13 years old – ‘Struggles of War’. My portion focussed on the war in Palestine through a child’s lens, examining the psychological impacts that it had on him.

This was the first time I understood what youth agency really meant. It allowed me to explore what social justice is in the broadest sense and gave me the confidence to join my local youth council to see how I could work collaboratively with other young people to dream up innovative solutions to issues affecting us. I was then elected as Deputy Youth MP just two weeks before lockdown hit last year and we had to move our activist work all online. I have connected with so many amazing activists, ran campaigns, worked locally and nationally, joined inspiring organisations and worked to transform the education, healthcare and food systems for a more imaginative and fairer world.