Project Description

Wayne Instrell

Age 17, Bedfordshire

When an England rugby player came into my school and gave us a one-off rugby coaching session, I was inspired to take up the sport. I knew that I wanted to play and coach rugby too. Finding a passion like rugby was a huge step for me, as I had been bullied at school and had been taken out of mainstream lessons. I knew that I needed something that could give me my self-confidence back, and rugby was it.

Now I play for a local rugby club, the Bedford Blues, every week. I also took part in the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme to help me find my confidence. Through that programme I’ve been volunteering as a rugby coach for primary school pupils outside school time, and I was really proud to win the Student of the Year Award recently! All of this happened because I found something to do that I enjoyed. I’m no longer bullied at school, and I’ve also returned to mainstream lessons. Just by volunteering and contributing to something that was entirely new in my life, I’ve rediscovered who I am and am now doing really well at school.

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