Tomos Lloyd

Age 16, Wales / Cymru

Two years ago, I began to volunteer with the Friends of Neath Abbey Iron Company on the Ironwork monument. I have turned this area from a derelict dumping ground into an inspiring community space. I walk 2 miles to work on vegetation management, site clearing and archaeological digs to save the monuments. I have turned neglected valleys into a useable and peaceful community space. Places look after people. Working with the past brings personal satisfaction; and an enormous contribution to our quality of life, well-being, mental health and social cohesion. Sites like the Ironworks help recovery from Covid, which has led to more mental ill-health improvements, by bringing benefits such as a relaxing, peaceful, and unpressured but stimulating environments. The site must be conserved, so that present and future generations can learn about the impact it had on our world and society. I also help a disabled farmer to look after his farm and livestock. These are the best parts of my social action. I have learned land management skills, and am involved in schemes such as a bug hotel, pollinator areas and composting. Finally, I am taking part in a Youth Climate Event linked to COP26, and am a member of Neath Young Farmers.