Project Description

Tanya Mubayiwa

Age 17, Buckinghamshire

I’ve always loved listening to inspirational speakers, and I’ve found that events like TED talks are a brilliant way to learn about new ideas and pick up tips on public speaking. But young people’s voices are often missing from these platforms. That’s why I decided to organise a TEDx event at my school – the first of its kind.

We had talks and performances on the sciences, languages and culture, music, poetry and dance. It was a huge success, not only because it gave young people a chance to express themselves and what they care about, but also because it gave me the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. By taking the role of lead organiser, I became a kind of mentor to the younger students at school, and it taught me a lot about responsibility. I also made so many new friends along the way, which I never expected.

I am also now a senior anti–‐bullying ambassador within my school and I mentor younger anti-bullying ambassadors on how they can work together to make our school a bullying free school. The whole experience has shown others that they can make use of their talents and their voices to pursue their goals, and it’s shown me that things like age and gender don’t need to hold you back from doing what you love.

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