Project Description

Suzanne Maxwell

Age 19, South Lanarkshire

I’m proud to live in South Lanarkshire, so I jumped at the chance to join my local Youth Council and volunteer at a nearby youth club. I work with young people all over the area to make sure their voices are heard and spend a lot of my time attending events and campaigning with the Scottish Youth Parliament.

By volunteering on a regular basis, I’ve gained confidence and improved my communication skills, particularly when it comes to presenting to others. Now, I don’t just feel comfortable standing up in front of an audience and talking to young people, but I really enjoy it – and I get to practise all the time as part of my youth work training. It’s such a great feeling helping tomorrow’s citizens and future leaders develop their own skills and expertise. For me, campaigning – whether it’s creating a Facebook page to raise awareness of local issues, or persuading others to believe in a cause I care about – is a great opportunity to improve my local area and inspire others at the same time.

Being an #iwill Ambassador gives me even more energy to dedicate to South Lanarkshire and its amazing young people.

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