Project Description

Sophie Greener

Age 17, West Midlands

I used to be someone without much self-esteem, and I cared a lot about how I looked. But doing yoga has completely changed the way I see things. Inspired by my yoga teacher Beckie, who showed me how to use yoga to challenge my negative body image, I began running weekly sessions across Coventry, funded by O2 Think Big, for girls aged 13-19. Here, they can learn yoga and talk about positive body confidence and natural beauty. I love these sessions, because I can really see the difference it’s making to other girls like me.

It’s also inspired me to start a bigger campaign on body confidence, promoting wellbeing and happiness. As part of the campaign, we’re planning a yoga photo shoot soon to show the transformation of fake beauty to natural beauty, and we’ll hopefully show the photos at Coventry POD (the Mental Health Service) and at secondary schools nearby. I want to show that beauty comes from the inside first, and it’s so important to love and accept yourself just the way you are.

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