Project Description

Shivanuja Sivaskanthan

Age 16, England

The first social action project I remember getting involved in was when I was in year 8 (so around 12 years old) and was a Patrol Leader for Girl Guides. I organised a sponsored walk to raise money for WaterAid. Having asked all my friends and family for their donations, I then proceeded to use my public speaking skills to ask the wider community. I ended up asking people in my year at school and people at the few extra-curricular clubs I attended. We raised a total of £80 which, as you might imagine, felt like a lot of money to a 13-year-old. Regardless, I felt so relieved and deeply rewarded that I was able to provide help towards those that needed it. It was this very moment that inspired me to take on more community projects and volunteer for more organisations.

Now, I have been a member of St. John Ambulance for 4-5 years, regularly volunteering with first aid help at events. This inspired me to start and run a First Aid club at school which has since achieved 70 members. This has been one of my favourite social projects as it has been a great opportunity to share my knowledge, and to learn how to communicate effectively with people from a large age range.