Project Description

 Shereen Gordon

Age 19, London

I’ve been involved in the National Orchestra for All since it started back in 2011. The orchestra is a youth ensemble for young people across the UK who face challenging circumstances. As a Young Volunteer for the orchestra, I’ve helped to inspire younger musicians to believe in themselves and aspire to achieve great things.

It really makes a difference for young people from challenging backgrounds to have friendly faces around them, and that’s why being a Young Volunteer is so important. I’ve volunteered at events across the UK with the National Orchestra and with their school and community programme, the Modulo Programme. Believing so strongly in the power of music to make a difference to the lives of young people has given me the courage to make speeches and advocate at fundraising events.

I’m at University now, and although I left the orchestra I continue to volunteer regularly with the young musicians. I hope that I can be a positive role model for them, and that my progression to University can help them to consider this a part of their own future.

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