Project Description

Shera Conway

Age 17, Bushy, Hertfordshire

My older brother volunteered with the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade (JLGB), and I could see how positive the experience was for him. Six years ago now, I decided to follow his lead – and I haven’t looked back since then! I enjoy my work so much that I volunteer at two groups a week, rather than the usual one.

At both of these groups I work with young people, which I love, and it’s also important to me to serve in other ways – I’ve volunteered as a Hebrew teacher, made audio books for a children’s hospice, helped raise money to adopt an Israeli guide dog puppy, and raised money for cancer charities.

I’m proud to have been elected this year as the JLGB’s most senior young leader, which means that I represent and speak for the organisation at many large events, and that I was put forward as a representative of JLGB to meet the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the day after he was elected. I also recently visited South Africa and Soweto and spent a day volunteering as part of a Jewish trip, playing with the kids and making food for them.

Seeing things from others’ perspective, and seeing how happy I can make people, has made me a less selfish person and made me into a better leader, able to give other young people the same inspiration I had.

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