Project Description

Sarah Shaikh

Age 14, Surrey

I first learnt about how awful depression is for people of all ages when I read the Harry Potter books. I’d heard that J. K. Rowling created the ‘Dementor’ characters to represent depression and how when she was depressed she felt like all the happiness was being sucked away. Her stories made me want to help people suffering from mental health problems in any way possible.

So, I trained to be a MindFull (MF) mentor in school when I was 13 and trained to be a BeatBullying (BB) mentor after I turned 14. With the help of MF the other mentors at my school and I planned a fun fair to teach younger students about mental health and the MF support offered in school and online.

I really enjoy mentoring and have benefited a lot during my experience on the MF and BB sites. I hope to continue the good work and to raise the profile of mental health problems and how one, or just a few, positive thoughts or memories could help you to overcome an illness such as depression.

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