Project Description

Roxanne Bainbridge

Age 20, Deeside/Cardiff, Wales

I’m passionate about social action. I used to think I was ‘too young’ to make a difference, but I’ve proven that that’s not the case. I may still be at University, but outside my studies I dedicate my time to improving the welfare of refugees and asylum seekers in South Wales.

I help coordinate the READ programme at Trinity Centre to improve access to the UK education system for asylum seekers and refugees, I’m involved in running the Global Gardens project to improve the welfare of asylum seekers and refugees in Cardiff, and I travel around the UK and internationally as the Methodist Children and Youth World Council Representative telling people about my social action work.

Social action has given my confidence a massive boost. I can now take on leadership roles to encourage other young people to get involved, I’ve learnt to effectively communicate with people from all different backgrounds, from people with minimal English to people who are very influential in policy making, and I’m more comfortable with public speaking.

Working with asylum seekers and refugees can be harrowing, but I’ve learnt to harness my emotions and use them to fuel my hunger and passion for social justice. I’ve recently created a blog to document my work and collect resources so that other young people can be inspired too.

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