Project Description

 Rhianna Ledward

Age 14, Sandbach, Cheshire

For three years now I have been passionate about helping people locally, nationally and across the world. Every week I campaign for Amnesty International, raising awareness of world issues and human rights. I’ve also helped to run a food bank collection and volunteered to sort out the food, so that people who are less fortunate in my community can have a resource to fall back on.

I love being able to make my community a bit nicer – it’s so easy but so valuable to give up a bit of time to litter pick and tidy up your local town centre, as I’ve done. Meeting and speaking to some of the people that I’ve helped, including a lady who benefitted from my food bank collection, makes my volunteering feel worthwhile. This has also helped me to overcome the shyness I felt when I was younger and to be more confident working with people.

I want to do as much as I can to work for social justice and to inspire other young people to do the same. My dream job in the future would definitely be in social action! I’m so excited about the prospect of making a difference in as many ways as I can.

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