Project Description

Rebeca Smith

Age 11, England

The first time I got involved with community work/helpfulness was when I saw the idea for a bring and buy sale for Children in Need on Blue Peter. That year my friends and I raised £60. The next year we held a bake sale for Children in Need and raised £110.

My current focus is to campaign for more sports equipment such as basketball hoops in parks, specifically in Bristol. Sport can be so important, especially at my age when so many people give it up due to lack of opportunity etc.

A focus that I would like to pursue in the future is for cheaper university. I am that person who is always thinking about the future however much my parents tell me to live in the present. Then afterwards I started wondering how everyone can pay for university without being left in extreme debt, and how that debt can ruin the amazing possibilities a person may have. That was how I thought until I found out that only 27.2% of people in the UK have a degree or equivalent. I want university to be a considered option for everybody.

I am really glad to have been offered this opportunity and take it as a chance to learn and hopefully help the world.