Project Description

Nyasha K. Duri

Age 18, Greater London

I first got involved in social action through my church, where I became a mentor, and at school, tutoring other students. Those experiences brought a change in me and ever since I’ve continued helping others. I did NCS with The Challenge, helping improve an allotment area and campaigning for children’s rights. I’ve also been a Youth Board Rep, helping to fundraise £2,000 for YMCA, as well as raising awareness for the homelessness charity StreetLink.

My most recent social action initiative is called Politicks: it’s a non‐partisan digital platform aiming to redefine youth political engagement with a three‐pronged approach – My MP, My Vote and My Action – to tackle the 3Ds: disconnect, disengagement and disillusionment. I plan to feature thought‐provoking articles, animated video content, quality infographics and interesting sound clips, as well as producing an enjoyable monthly newsletter filled with developments in the world of politics. It’s been an amazing experience, learning to code and working with others to set SMART goals so I can measure Politicks’ meaningful social impact. I hope to help make politics more accessible and give all young people a say in the way our country is run, and I’m excited to see how the project grows.

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