Project Description

Nikita Bawden

Age 23, England

My social action started the moment I left school as I wanted to get my voice heard after years of being shut down due to bullying. I created a mental health video with the charity, Fixers, explaining my story of going through depression and anxiety at school. The video advises young people to talk about what they are going through and has received over 1.4k views on YouTube.

I then got invited to be a young ambassador for the NSPCC, which allowed me to raise awareness at a national level. I was invited into 10 Downing Street for ChildLine’s 30th birthday, where I got to speak to Samantha Cameron and other famous faces about the importance of the charity. I have also had the opportunity to talk in the House of Commons about ChildLine, as well as talk on the radio and TV about mental health and bullying.

I was also a part of creating the campaign, Stop, Speak, Support; an anti-bullying campaign encouraging media platforms to do more to stop online bullying. I had the honour of talking to Prince William about the campaign too!