Project Description


Age 23, England

With a background in craft and design, my social action aims to improve well-being through craft, agriculture-based learning, and interaction with nature. I first got involved in social action by volunteering with Manchester Urban Diggers CIC in March 2020. After a few months, my responsibilities increased, and I began coordinating volunteer sessions for other community members. I have since developed an 18-week programme called Stronger Communities which focuses on building horticulturally based skills and knowledge and improving Platt Field Market Garden’s connections with the surrounding park. Covering subjects such as: fruit and vegetable growing, propagation, harvesting, seed saving, and green woodwork, the programme helps local community members and their environment. By coordinating volunteer sessions and workshops for the community with the aim to improve physical and mental wellness and build horticulturally based skills, my work also promotes community cohesion, decreases social isolation and encourages self-confidence.