Project Description

Natasha Lawton

Age 17, East Dunbartonshire

I used to struggle at school because of my dyslexia, but since I’ve started volunteering my whole life has changed. First I started helping out my kayak coach at the Glasgow Kayak Club. I really wanted to paddle competitively that year but because of my shoulder injury I wasn’t able to. Instead my coach invited me to start coaching and now my self-confidence has shot up!

I also help with the Forth and Clyde Canal Society, volunteer at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley with my grandfather, and I set up a Community Action Project at my school, Bishopbriggs Academy. Our aim is to get as many people volunteering as possible. I set up the Project after training as an East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action Volunteer Champion, which I couldn’t wait to put to good use! I love encouraging other people to volunteer because I know how I’ve changed because of what I do. Now I’m much more positive, whether it’s leading tour groups down the Forth and Clyde canal or purchasing ‘Community Ambassador’ badges for students at school, and I feel so much more confident in myself.

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