Project Description

Morgan Morris

Age 15, Fife

I love being part of my local community, both in my spare time and at school. I live in a village, and every week I check with my neighbours to see if anyone needs a hand. I’ve also been involved in various local projects – from the Colourful Colinsburgh campaign, where I’ve planted tubs to make our village a nicer place to live, to setting up a worm farm, to baking for the local Colinsburgh Flower Show, all in between having a part-time job! I often hand out leaflets about events going on in the village to help bring the community together too.

I often volunteer at school as well, helping organise fundraisers when we have visitors, and running charity events such as discos on a regular basis. I’ve made it my goal to inspire as many other young people as I can to follow my lead in making a difference by helping their young and elderly community become more of a connected place.

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