Project Description

Milana Bout

Age 20, England

I came to the UK when I was 11 years old. Since then, I have faced a lot of barriers such as being unable to go to university or get a job due to being a migrant with no status. This experience led me to find We Belong and On-Road Media organisations. We belong works with young migrants who consider the UK as their home but due to the immigration system and its policies are unable to lead a normal life like other citizens in the UK. Through volunteering for We Belong, I was finally able to find my place where my voice can be heard. Additionally, I am a media mover for On-Road Media. I volunteer with this organisation to change and influence the way migration and migrant stories are portrayed in the media. Usually, things that are written or demonstrated about migrants on different media platforms are not authentic and accurate. So, I and other young migrants meet with different media professionals to share our real-life stories.

Advocating for mental health is another passion of mine. Recently, I’ve started my own blog where I share my own thoughts on mental health and my own journey through therapy.