Project Description

Michael Mckernan

Age 17, West Dunbartonshire

My social action journey started with my local youth group. I noticed that young people like me respond better to advice when it comes from someone their age, and that’s what got me into peer education. I found that I really enjoyed talking to others about how we could make our community a better place to live, and through West Dunbartonshire Council’s Youth Alliance Peer Educator Group I got the opportunity to do just that.

I’ve since delivered community safety workshops to 2,000 other young people through experiential learning, including a car driving simulation to demonstrate road safety. I’ve also worked with No Knives Better Lives, a Scottish knife crime prevention organisation that aims to raise awareness of the consequences of carrying a knife, and I’ve delivered workshops for other practitioners too.

As a peer educator, I think it’s especially important to make sure I always show respect to others and listen to their ideas and concerns. I’d also like to think I can be a good role model for other young people, hopefully encouraging them to want to make their community a better place too.

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