Project Description

Megan Evans

Age 17, Wales

I took my involvement in social action with the Welsh language and realising early on how it lacks realisation and appreciation. It is the language of our lands and so many who are fortunate to have their education in Welsh then leave and never speak a word of it again, it truly is sad and a shame to see. So, I decided from that realisation that I am to keep the language alive in my day-to-day life. This could be through communicating with family and friends in Welsh, pushing as many Welsh conversations as possible with others that are able to speak it, and also ensuring that I educate others who ask about Welsh to ensure they’re using the right terminology and continue to find a love for the language. I learnt along the way that some are a lot more eager and willing than others, but that they all do try their best. By doing this, I’ve also improved further on my own language and my own speaking skills.