Project Description

Matilda Hill

Age 11, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire

I’m very lucky to live in such a beautiful area and be surrounded by unspoilt countryside. For me it’s really important for people who live in areas like these to do protection and conservation work, so we can look after the landscape for us to enjoy and for generations to come.

The John Muir Trust helps young people in my area to start out in conservation – I was part of the first primary school group to complete my Conserver Award, the highest award you can achieve with the Trust. To achieve the Award I completed 35 full days of outdoor conservation work in the South Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I cleared up litter and other rubbish from the local lanes and helped to improve the woodland.

The conservation work and expeditions I took part in opened my eyes to all the different ways we can take care to enjoy our surroundings responsibly. A big part of the Award is being able to share what you’ve learned with other people and communities. I’m looking forward to helping younger groups of children complete their Conserver Award and to help them clear a local pond habitat so more species of wildlife will be able to live safely there.

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