Project Description

Lucy Price

Age 24, Wales

I first started to recognise social action and have a greater understanding of how I could be involved in this when I went to university to study Sociology. This opened up many topics and issues in society that I had previously not been exposed to, and it really motivated me to want to make a change in the world and to support people in need. When I graduated from university, I knew I wanted to do a job where I was helping young people and creating change, and so I applied to work for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Wales.

Through this role I have become more directly involved in social action, not just studying different theories and concepts as I did in university, but through creating events and opening up new conversations. In May 2021 DofE launched a ‘youth manifesto’ where we released the top issues on young people’s agenda. I was part of the team organising for our youth ambassadors for the DofE Award to take part in ‘hero conversations’, where they talked to people of influence including Chris Packham, the recruitment manager for Timpson and the Chief People Officer at ASDA, about how they felt young people’s voices needed to be heard. This covered a range of issues from climate change and bio diversity, to helping people from lower socio-economic backgrounds get into employment.