Project Description

Leighton Wiecha

Age 10, West Midlands

It’s important to me to support my local community, as I’m really proud of where I live. As a social action ambassador at my academy, I’ve visited other schools in the West Midlands and worked within my own academy to encourage others to get involved in social action too. Outside of academy life, I visit a local old people’s home to volunteer my free time.

I’ve also supported Arch, the domestic violence charity, to launch a major campaign in my local area. Before getting involved in social action in my academy and in my community, I wasn’t very confident in myself, but when I worked with Arch I spoke to lots of people in local superstores to tell them about the campaign and ask them to sign up. Now, I have much more confidence and I have developed a sense of worth in my local area.

I’m really proud of my involvement in social action, as I’ve helped people where I live, and I’m even speaking to secondary school teachers about how they can get involved too.

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