Project Description

Kinza Hussain

Age 11, England

As a result of my work with Aik Saath, an organisation whose mission is to work with people from all communities and backgrounds to spread positive social change, I have developed collaborative and social engagement skills over the past six months. This work involved cooking and giving food to the local homeless community – project ‘Helping the Hunger’.

I also worked with ‘Youth Engagement Slough’ by gathering second hand uniforms and creating a second-hand uniform shop for people who can’t necessarily buy brand new uniforms for their children. It resulted in a lot of hard work and as a reward we received a lot of customers and made profit, which we donated to our local charities. This also helped the environment by not throwing the uniform away.

These organisations have helped me become who I am today, and also made me realise how rewarding it is to help people in need. I really enjoy helping people and putting a smile on their face as well as spending time with the local community.