Project Description

Kieren Buxton

Age 17, Norfolk

Of all the ways to make a difference in your community, I think youth democracy is one of the most powerful. I’ve been a Member of the UK Youth Parliament for Norwich South for 18 months now, and I spend several hours a week working on causes I care about. I recently campaigned to improve mental health services in my local area, and contributed to Norfolk County Council’s strategy. I also care passionately about supporting those with Motor Neuron disease, and have raised over £2,500 through fundraising for Motor Neuron charities. In schools, I’ve been involved in peer‐to‐peer support, particularly helping primary school children.

All these experiences set me apart from others when I applied for jobs, helping me get a part‐time job in my town, and most recently helping me to get an apprenticeship with Norfolk County Council. It’s great to see how interested employers are in my social action experience, and it’s meant I’ve never been short of things to write on my CV. And not only has social action been a great way to build my confidence, organisational and communication skills, but the feel-good factor that comes with helping others gives me such a buzz, and is a great motivator to keep going.

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