Project Description

Karan Patel

Age 18, London

I’m currently the CEO for the UK branch of The Youth Project, an organisation of young people who want to be able to make a difference to social injustice around the world. I helped to found the project, and I’m particularly interested in developing the social media and general online presence of the organisation.

As well as developing several websites and social media platforms for The Youth Project, I’ve set up my own online magazine, The New Word, to champion the youth voice. The magazine is run entirely by young people like myself, and has recently published articles on elitism in education, secularism in France and the politics of the Rio Olympics, to name just a few.

I’m proud to have had the opportunity to provide young people with the opportunity and platform to be able to get involved in social action. I now lead and inspire my peers through regular keynote speeches, which I never could have imagined before getting involved in The Youth Project. I’ll be CEO of the UK branch until at least September 2017, so I’m really looking forward to getting even more young people involved in the near future.

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