Project Description

Joshua Aldwinckle-Povey

Age 14, Essex

In 2013, I set up a campaign called ‘Greatness over Bullies’ with my friends. We support young people suffering from bullying, offering advice and letting them know that people care. Now, I spend a few hours a week growing the campaign and working on projects like the Support Room, an online support space for young people dealing with bullying which O2 Think Big helped us set up. We’ve also started a YouTube series, Fresh Thinking, on tackling bullying, and young people regularly tell me that the campaign has inspired them to fight bullying too. I’m also on Thurrock’s Youth Cabinet, where I work with other young people to advise on youth services in the local area, and debate issues such as young people’s mental health and social media. I’ve recently won a v30 award from vInspired for my social action, and have just launched a new campaign: Give A Read (@givearead)!

As well as thoroughly enjoying every second of my social action, I’ve also had brilliant opportunities to meet new people and learn new skills, and I’ve been inspired to get involved in other things going on in my local area too, like the Summer Reading Challenge through my local library. It’s great to be part of a community like Thurrock, and I’m glad to be able to help other young people feel part of that community too.

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