Project Description

Jordan Caldwell

Age 17, County Antrim

For me, social action has been a way of dealing with challenges and learning from them to help others. When I was 12 I was diagnosed with anorexia. My eating disorder was triggered by the tragic deaths of close family members which coincided with me being dropped by my local football team, and it all became too much. I was unable to cope with my emotions, and put all my energy into compulsive exercise and refusing to eat and drink. It was scary: it was almost like someone else was in control of my body.

But through the help of Fixers I was able to see that I had a problem and, even better, that my problem had a solution. Now I’m in recovery and I’m only too aware about how much anyone can improve their health if they just keep a little faith. I’ve learnt that eating disorders like anorexia are not just about food, but are also about feelings. I know now that helping anyone at all is a bonus, even if it’s helping people one by one. By sharing my story and educating other young people about anorexia through creating a documentary and conducting webinars, that is exactly what I’m trying to do.

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