Joe Porter

Age 20, Staffordshire

I got involved in social action as I wanted to make a positive difference to the lives or others whilst making a contribution to my local community. I am very proud to be one of the co-leaders of UnDivided – a movement to ensure that young people are placed at the heart of the decision-making around Brexit, no matter which side of the voting they stood.

I am currently a second year ‘Marketing & Politics’ student at Keele University alongside being one of the youngest local councillors in the country.

Through my work in politics I strive to ensure that there is a strong voice for young people in society. That’s what motivated and called me to join the Conservative Party at the age of 13, become a Member of Youth Parliament when I was 15, to join UK Youth Voice as their West Midlands Regional Representative and then now as a Student Trustee for Keele Student Union. More recently, I was the Vote Leave Constituency Campaign Coordinator for Staffordshire Moorlands and I was a big part of young Eurosceptic movements ‘Students for Britain’ and ‘Universities for Britain’.

I hope to build on my work as a Parish Councillor and become a District Councillor and eventually an MP, once I have finished my degree and gained more life experience.

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