Project Description

Jason Costin

Age 19, Walsall

Sadly, it’s all too often the case that those who are on the margins of society are disengaged from it, and their voices go unheard. Growing up in care, I can understand what that’s like. But through social action, I’ve learnt new skills and found a confidence I didn’t know I had. Helping others is so rewarding – whether it’s litter‐picking in the local area or organising a tea party for local elderly residents. I’ve enjoyed starting up my own initiatives most of all, and I’ve got big plans to boost youth social action within my local area by running weekly volunteering sessions.

Social action has had a huge impact on my life. It’s definitely helped me get to where I am now, doing an apprenticeship with Creative Academies – an integrated learning provider which supports personal growth in children, young people and adults in the West Midlands. It’s also inspired me to encourage other people my age who wouldn’t normally consider it to volunteer, showing them that they can make a difference not only to others but in their own lives as well.

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