Project Description

Jakeem Addman

Age 19, London

I’m a Cadet Corporal for the City of London and North-East Sector Army Cadet Force. I’ve been in the Army Cadets for 2 years now, and the experiences it has given me has been so rewarding. I regularly volunteer to lead other cadet groups of younger members, and get involved in community work and events to improve my local area.

Before joining the cadets, I was a volunteer with the London Fire Cadets, which got my social action journey started.

I’ve also been involved with British Red Cross thanks to opportunities provided through my college, and I recently submitted a video for a Met Police campaign to inspire young people.

I was recently very proud to take my experiences of the army cadets and social action overseas, as I was 1 of 12 cadets selected to undertake an exchange program in Canada, which is notorious for being one of the hardest course to get onto. Overall I had an amazing time and learnt a lot, skills such as canoeing and navigating, and also learning to work with others in tough conditions, communication skills, and confidence. Since returning, I’ve been determined to volunteer and pass on those skills to other cadets.

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