Project Description

 Jackie Jones

Age 19, Cornwall

I want to make sure that as many young people as possible escape being a victim of any kind of abuse – be it physical, sexual, emotional, financial or psychological. That’s why I launched a campaign to make sure that other young people are aware of how to spot the signs of an unhealthy or abusive relationship.

I got involved with the organisation Fixers, who have helped me to make a short film which I’ve published on YouTube. It’s aimed at young people, and it’s designed to make them consider all the forms that abuse can take within relationships. I’ve started to take this video into schools across Cornwall to engage and educate the pupils there, so that none of them have to experience any kind of unhealthy relationship or abuse. I’ve also recently started giving mini-workshops based around my film, to talk about the issues it raises in more depth with young people.

I’m so glad that I’ve managed to help young people already, receiving positive feedback from both students and from the Sexual Offences and Domestic Abuse Team at Devon and Cornwall Police.

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