Project Description

Jack Wotherspoon

Age 14, Scotland

My volunteering journey began with my local community group, who facilitate various different clubs (breakfast clubs; youth clubs; and drama clubs) in deprived areas of Glasgow’s West End. As part of this role I help to plan, organise and deliver a range of drama sessions – something I have a keen passion for and is one of my favourite subjects in school.

I have recently become a Police Scotland Youth Volunteer (PSYV), meeting with fellow volunteers on a fortnightly basis and contributing to making my community a safer and better place to live. Volunteering is something I have a real passion for as I am driven by the thought of helping others and contributing to a better and safer community through my role. In addition to the personal gains I have received as a result of my volunteering: making amazing friends and memories; gained invaluable life skills; and confidence.

I also raise funds for charities through activities such as Race for Life & Pretty Muddy for cancer research in memory of my gran. I believe that everyone is equal no matter what their colour, ethnicity, disabilities or sexuality and hope to promote this and help anyone I can while volunteering with my chosen network. If I can help even one person through the volunteer work I do I will be happy.