Project Description

Iman Eltkhtash

Age 17, Scotland

My first ever social action began with Project Scotland when I was introduced to Dundee’s volunteer engagement manager (Pammy). This introduced me to many volunteering opportunities such as online meet and greet sessions, meeting the CEO, presenting to the trustees and many more. I then started volunteering at the British Heart Foundation and met volunteers that were in similar situations as me and really enjoyed learning about their cultures and religions. I, as a young proud Muslim, haven’t come across many people practicing many religions as there isn’t much variety in my school, but volunteering at the BHF has so far been nothing but a great experience. I’ve increased my knowledge on certain topics and religions, and have also educated a few people on the topics I’m interested in, such as climate change, Islam and mental health. During this whole experience I’ve learnt some new skills; the biggest one would have to be customer service skills. Interacting and engaging with the customers has been my favourite part as I am a very social person. I also organise, price and display accessories and have recently been put on the till, which I’ve loved as it’s different to anything I’ve ever experienced before.