Project Description

Ife Grillo

Age 17, London

I am currently Vice Chair of the British Youth Council and getting to this point has been a tough but amazing experience. I became Vice Chair of Hackney Youth Parliament when I was 14 and then got elected to represent Hackney to the UK Youth Parliament where I began to realise how much I cared about inequality – especially in education.

I have always loved debating and I now work as an ambassador and mentor for an organisation called Debate Mate where I teach debating in disadvantaged areas and that helps make sure all young people have the skills they need to succeed. I also work with organisations such as the Fair Education Alliance and Teach First to further look at the problems within educational policy and how we can improve it.

Racial inequality is also a massive issue. Being a young black person can be difficult and whether we admit it or not, racism is still an issue in society and I constantly campaign to make sure we still treat it like an issue that needs fixing. I got involved in social action by just caring and by being lucky enough to find organisations which cared too.

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