Project Description

Harry Tinkler

Age 15, North Yorkshire

I’m a young carer for my brother, who has autism, and my social action journey started when I decided to help other young people like me. I set up the Action For Autism Families (AFAF) Siblings group with funding from O2 Think Big, where we meet up, have fun and support each other, as well as help raise awareness of autism. I’m planning to run an art therapy day for the Siblings group soon, where we’ll try painting, drawing, sculpting and making music to help us describe how it feels to have an autistic brother or sister, and all the ups and downs we have.

Every month, I organise an AFAF film club, because the darkness and noise in a cinema can often make it difficult for children with autism to go. It’s great to see how glad families are to be able to spend time together. After the first film club, one mum said “This is the first time my family has ever watched a whole film together. Thank you Harry for making that possible”. I felt really proud.

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