Project Description

Harry Sargeant

Age 19, Nottinghamshire

We all have a responsibility to look out for others, and I try to do that through the Scouts. For a while I’ve volunteered every week at my local Cubs group to give 8‐10 year olds somewhere to have fun, learn new skills, and get involved in their local community. It’s in an area where there aren’t many opportunities for children and where there’s a lot of poverty, so I’m glad to be able to provide a safe space for children to go, as well as take them on camps every so often.

I also want to support those who are a bit older, too, so I recently started a pilot community impact project supporting 16‐24 year olds who aren’t in education, employment or training. I aim to help these young people gain self‐esteem and get back into mainstream society. Through this project I’m also trying to provide life‐changing experiences – most recently, I led an expedition to Iceland for the group. It was also my first time abroad and an incredible experience.

Throughout all this I’ve learnt that building positive relationships is one of the most powerful ways to help young people who have dropped off society’s radar, often because they don’t have the support they need. I’m glad I can provide that and show these young people that they have someone to rely on.

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