Project Description

Hannah Palmer-Davis

Age 19, Isle of Wight

I’m passionate about helping others, especially in healthcare. I was inspired to start my social action journey by my dad, who sadly passed away from cancer when I was 17. He encouraged me to help, support and befriend people going through tough times and be the reason someone smiles every day. So, I became part of my local NHS Trust’s Check It Out team – a group of 11-19-year-olds helping make healthcare services more accessible to young people. We identified barriers preventing young people from accessing services, and to overcome these we set up a website for young people to access health information, and a one-to-one ‘Live Chat’ app where young people can get confidential health advice. I loved being part of Check It Out and decided to keep supporting the NHS, volunteering in my local hospital’s Eye Department. It inspired me to study Medicine at Plymouth University, and become a St John Ambulance volunteer. I still remember what my Dad used to say to me, and whenever I’m chatting with a patient who is lonely or upset, I try my best to give them a little sense of normality by making them smile and feel valued.

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