Project Description

Hafsa Gulzar

Age 22, England

I have worked as a volunteer for various organisations back in Pakistan. I started my social actions in 2018 with ‘JZT’, which is an organisation that works to eliminate Thalassaemia and to raise awareness on prevention in Pakistan. Within the organisation I was a College Ambassador, a University Representative, and a Provincial Chief ICU. As an ambassador my job was to spread awareness and arrange seminars in my college. As a University Representative, I was given the task to recruit new members, talk at meetings with the teaching and administrative staff, and arrange awareness stalls at various events. As a Provincial ICU Chief, I worked with government blood centres to look after the blood supplies for all the thalassaemic patients in the province.

Beyond this, I have also worked as an education champion for an NGO called PYCA which aims at providing education to girls in tribal areas. Moreover, I volunteered at Pukaar during the Covid-19 pandemic. My job was to raise money to help people who had lost their jobs. The best part about the role was that I got to help and support those who don’t have a voice for themselves, who don’t have any means to live a normal life, or who are struggling with life threatening diseases. All these tasks have made me realize that true happiness lies within helping humanity.