Project Description

Gracie Chick

Age 17, England

Playing my part in making the world a better place has always been at the core of who I am. I do this by blogging, caring for the elderly, volunteering at a homeless shelter and using sailing to give young people confidence, purpose, belonging and resilience.

When I was fifteen, my family took on an epic challenge to raise money for a charity called CatZero.  We spent ten months travelling 7430 miles around the entire UK coastline in a tiny camper van and raised over £17,000. Along the way we met and shared the stories of hundreds of people transforming their neighbourhoods and hosted events to bring people of all backgrounds together as equals and build stronger communities.

Through the unique perspective and insights my journey has given me, I see that we are living through a historic moment, that a huge change needs to happen, that it needs to happen soon, that young people are the ones who will lead it and that the only way it can come about is through a shift in what we value. We need to start a social movement away from a value system based on money, ownership, power, social status and material things – maintained by individualism and consumerism – towards a new one based on human connection, trust and equality – built on the intentional act of sharing. It is a movement that is already beginning at a grassroots level, is driven by ordinary people and their everyday choices, and will change the trajectory of our future for the better.