Project Description

Gianna Pandya

Age 15, England

Since 2019, I have been an active campaigner for a fairer food system. Growing up in a family suffering from food poverty and limited access to food at home, I became an advocate for young people by becoming an ambassador to the Food Foundation and Children’s Right to Food Campaign. I have sought to raise awareness of this issue through working on the #Right2Food campaign alongside Dame Emma Thompson, which culminated in us sharing our assessment with Department of Education. During the lockdown, as part of my role, I worked with the Department of Education by sitting on a panel which shared experiences of school food. This work helped inform the government about the realities of this issue in my local communities. These roles have made me more aware of my community and the challenges those within face. My capacity as a listener has greatly improved and it has been extremely rewarding to listen to young people’s concerns, and advocate for them. As a result, I am more open-minded and able to problem solve.